Unable to download media zip file

Hello Kobo - We are unable to download the media zip file associated with one particular form. I am not sure why this is happening, though suspect it may be due to a large number of images (there are a lot!) associated with that form that is producing a zip file that is simply too large to process. But that is just a guess. Is there a way that you could you all could package the media files associated with that form (they are all images) and share them with me another way? Alternatively, could the media files somehow be split into multiple downloads (assuming file size is the problem)? Other ideas are welcome. We are able to download the data associated with the troublesome form, and we are able to download the media files associated with many other forms so this seems an isolated issue. I see that this issue has been raised in numerous older posts but this is a recent problem that is not addressed by prior server upgrades. Thank you. Stevan

Welcome back to the community, @srearl! Could you let us know the tentative submissions and storage your project has? That should give us a clue of how large your file is.

Thanks, @Kal_Lam. I am not sure whether to be sad, elated, embarrassed, or what, but, after all that back-and-forth on this, I thought to try the download again while I was getting those statistics for you, and it worked. I am at a loss. It had failed countless times over many, many days of trying and I have no idea what changed. Ultimately, the download consisted of almost 600 image files totaling ~6 Gb. Is that pushing the limits of the server? If so, could downloads of that size be subject to general server health and/or demand?

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@srearl, glad that your issue has been resolved. :clap: :heart: :partying_face: