Unable to download XLS(Legacy) reports

I am facing an issue when I try to download a data report in XLS legacy format. It is stuck on “Pending…click to refresh”. This is the first time I am encountering this issue, and it will be of a great help if someone could guide me on how to solve this issue.

I am also having this same issue. Please help!

Yes I’ve been facing this issue for more than 20 hours now. This has happened 3-4 times in the past and they usually fix it within a day’s time.
I tried dropping them some messages but got no response.

Kobo developers are currently working to resolve the issue. Hope to have an update shortly.

Okay everyone, the issue has been resolved and you should all be able to download your data properly now. Let us no if otherwise.

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Thank you Mike and all the Kobo devlopers. May I know what caused the issue and is there anything that I could do from my side, if the issue occurs again?

Sure @paani Our background task queue software for the Legacy version of the HHI server stopped working and led to a large backlog of export jobs. It basically just took rebooting it to get the jobs processing correctly again.

So nothing for you to do on your end to prevent it in the future, except to notify us if you experience it again.

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Hi folks, I’m curious to know why you are using legacy exports. Is something about the regular exports not working properly for your projects?

I have multiple select questions in my form, which have many options. What XLS Legacy offers is that I can choose “DONT split select multiple choice answers into separate columns”.
Also, XLS Legacy exports use name fields instead of label fields in column headers, so that is nice.


Hi @paani, thanks for your feedback!

Just to let you know, we are currently working on enabling a non-legacy UI feature that would allow users to chose to split select multiple choice answers into separate columns or not.

Also, you can already chose between exporting name fields or label fields. It’s just the name field option is labeled as ‘XML values and headers’.


FYI: https://github.com/kobotoolbox/kpi/issues/2171

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Dear All,
Today, I faced the serious problem of report downloading. I tried many times but still couldn’t solve this problem. Please help! Thanks in advance,

Hi @Chasy,

Welcome to the community! Are you still facing the issue? FYI, i don’t see any issue at my end.