Unable to get my survey form in KoBoCollect android app (the same works smoothly in Enketo)

aBzckH9ifccypqbqL7aJnt (4).xlsx (16.9 KB)

the xls code above works very well on web based, but it turns differently when I try to get the form using application.
I have been trying to find the solution on this group, not yet find the similar problem

Thanks in a heap, support team

Hi @dheniardhian,

Seems like you have used the wrong column name for the image. As shown in the image below you have used media::image instead of image:

Image 101

Try changing the same i.e. media::image with image and it should work.

Besides, it also seems that you have used the wrong language code i.e. Bahasa Indonesia (in). Would you mind replacing the same with Indonesian (ms). For more on language code please visit this page.

So my advise to correct would changing the same as shown in the image below:

Image 102

Please make necessary changes within the entire document as shown in the image below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:

In the choices tab of your xlsform:
Image 202

In the setting tab of your xlsform:
Image 203

Reference xlsform:
Error Test.xlsx (23.3 KB)

Have a great day!

Yesss, it works. Thank you very much indeed @Kal_Lam. I have learned a lot today.
At first, I updated the revised xls on the same project. The same error message comes out. Then, I create the new project, inject with revised xls…it works.

this project is imperative, to obtain the most at risk household which have been impacted by catastrophic disaster then covid19.
You and KOBO support team give a meaningful contribution :pray: