Unable to get the form on KoBoCollect android app

I want to fill the form through kobocollect app. There are 4 different survey forms in my account but I am able to see two forms only while sinking on kobocollect app.

Hi @rahul_521
Can you confirm the following:

  1. Have you deployed the forms?
  2. Were the surveys shared to you or do you own them


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It was sherd to me. I have edit rights too. I have deployed the form from my ID too

Can you share screenshots of the projects on your side, and of the data collection app when you select get blank forms.

Survey Covid 19 form is not available both places

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Hi @rahul_521,

This is because the admin user has provided you different permissions but has failed to provide you Add submission permission. Request for the same and you should be able to get the same in your KoBoCollect android app.

Have a great day!