Unable to limit accepted files

Hi All,
I’m a french user of kobotoolbox (sorry for my english :sweat_smile: ). I’m trying to limit a file question to PDF and Word formats (.pdf, .doc and .docx). I used body::accept column in an xls form to specify it.

When I open the Enketo form, it remains possible to upload another type of file such as image, excel file. I also try to activate it directly on the builder but I have the same issue.

Can you help me solve it ?

Welcome to the community, @adebayoltj! It seems like you tried this with Enketo. Could you also try it out with the Collect android app to see how it behaves?

Hi @Kal_Lam
I’ve tried it with KoboCollect and the result is similar. I’ve also made another test (unsuccessfull) with the xls form released in this kobotoolbox support article “Photo”, “Audio”, “Video” and “File” question types.

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Hi @adebayoltj, using the body::accept to specify accepted file formats only filters for these formats in the device’s file picker — unfortunately it does not restrict one from uploading a file that is outside of the desired formats. So in other words, it is a guide for the person completing the survey rather than a security feature.

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Hi @Josh, thanks for the explanation. Does Kobotoolbox have another function more appropriate for my purpose ?