Unable to open a particular project

Hello all,

I am unable to open a particular project in kobotoolbox, I have a put a screenshot of the same below.
I have deleted cache of the browser and also used other browser but the problem still persist.
However I am able to open other projects.

Welcome to the community, @healthsectionhooghly! Could you also let us know your total number of submissions for this project? Please also let us know the server you are using. These details should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Hi @Kal_Lam I have total 1070 submissions to this project
Sub-Center Level Convergence Report
and I use non-humanitarian server

Now I have 1077 submissions, the form for submission is working fine.

@healthsectionhooghly, would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message so that I could have a closer look at your case:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

Note: You could share with me a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

Username - xxxxxxx
Project name - Sub-Center Level Convergence Report
Server - non-humanitarian server.

@healthsectionhooghly, is this the project you are referring to having issues accessing it?

Do you have issues with only this project, or do you have issues accessing other projects too?

Yes this is the project, I have issue with only this project.

@healthsectionhooghly, it seems like you have crossed the submission threshold for your account. I could see a lot of projects with a lot of submissions there. If you accumulate, it’s just over the threshold the system provides.

So you will either need to delete some of your projects (along with the submissions) or subscribe to a paid plan if you wish to have all the projects (and the submissions) in your account.

If you wish to subscribe, please reach us through info@kobotoolbox.org. We could help you facilitate subscribing to a paid plan.

Thank you so much.

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Hey @Kal_Lam, in this case the problem is likely not caused by the number of submissions, but rather something else about the project that was putting exceptional stress on the servers.

@healthsectionhooghly, if you are running any kind of automated task to retrieve data or otherwise access the API, please be sure to limit its rate of requests to something reasonable. For example, please do not regenerate exports of your entire dataset more than once every 5 minutes.

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