Unable to prevent data export by enumerators

When we set permissions for others, I am not able to find a setting to prevent others from exporting the data. There are only permissions to add, view, delete and validate forms.
Kindly guide.

@gomathishankar, we do not have this feature with the KoboToolbox currently. But we do already have a feature request for this. Maybe you could VOTE for it to make it a reality in the near future.

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Thank you for your kind reply . I have vote for it.
Please do consider the request

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Just to be clear: there is a permission called “View submissions”, and if you do not grant it, then submission data can be neither viewed nor exported. In other words, you can absolutely prevent enumerators from accessing data. However, if you want to allow enumerators to view submissions but not download them as a file, then no, we do not yet have that feature (as linked to by @Kal_Lam above).