Unable to re-deploy

I could not redeploy my tool after editing - displaying error 400. Please see the email below. and advise me. Basically, i could not identify where the error is. How could i able to identify where the error is?

your form cannot be deployed because it contains errors.

Unexpected KoBoCAT error 400: b’{“detail”:“The name column for the 'su5ns40' choice list contains these duplicates: 'other'. Duplicate names will be impossible to identify in analysis unless a previous value in a cascading select differentiates them. If this is intentional, you can set the allow_choice_duplicates setting to 'yes'. Learn more: XLSForm.org”}’

Welcome to the community, @dcaethiopia! I advise validating your XLSForm through this online validator. The online validator should help you identify the syntax issues present within your XLSform.

When going through your error message, it seems like you have a duplicate choice. This post discussed previously should also help you solve such issues:

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I have tried the ‘online validator’ but it displays the same error message. My problem is I could not identify which question to edit to solve my problem.

Thank you for understanding.

@dcaethiopia, you could open the XLSForm and then, under the survey tab and the choices tab, search for su5ns40. You should then be able to find the issue there.

Thank you so much. Now the problem has solved.

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