Unable to restrict Repeat Group


I added a repeat group without any issue. Though it is working fine, on android the repeat group appears once even after the repeat count is zero. Our team will be downloading the form offline and conduct the survey and we will provide android tablets to them.

On the contrary, I do not see the same outcome when I was previewing the tool on kobotoolbox platform. That is, when I enter zero in the preview, the repeat group does not appear.

How can I ensure that the repeat group does not appear even once when the repeat count is 0 ?

Hi @apulikkal
you can use repeat_count field to set the number of repetitions
You can also use relevant field to prevent the group from appearing if the number is zero or any condition

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Hello @apulikkal,
Depending on your form you may also need to pack the whole content in the repeat group in a normal group with the same relevant (see MohammedTaleb).