Unable to share survey

I have created a form on Kobo and am trying to share it with a partner based in Yemen. I have granted them access to manage the project, and when I check the sharing permissions on my account, it says they have access to the form. However, the form is not appearing in the partners Kobo account.

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Hi @poppy and welcome back!

Are you two on the same server?

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Hello Hakan,

Thanks for your quick response! Apologies, can you explain what you mean by the same server?

We are 2 different organisations with 2 different Kobo accounts.




There are 2 public servers of KoboToolbox, Which Server Should I Use? — KoboToolbox documentation

Your accounts should be in the same server.

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Hello Hakan

Thanks for explaining. Can we find this out by looking at the URL?

For example, my URL is https://kobo.humanitarianresponse.info/

Yes you can.

Your account is in Humanitarian server.

Can you check your partner’s account to see if they’re in the same server?

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Thanks Hakan,

I have messaged the partner and will let you know what their server is…

If their server is non - humanitarian, shall I get them to set up a humanitarian account?

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@poppy, you should be able to learn more about sharing through our support articles:

Thank you for your help with this. We were using different servers. This has now been fixed and we have successfully shared the survey.


@poppy, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: