Unable to submit forms on kobo toolbox

Dear support team,

I am using https://kobo.humanitarianresponse.info/ server and data collection is currently ongoing using mobile phones. Some enumerators (40% of 130) are reporting that they are not able to submit forms after finishing the interviews. After pressing the submit button, the forms are not submitted. We are using kobo version 1.30.1. Kindly assist.

Thanks Carol

Welcome to the community, @Carol! The first step is to go through the configuration you have made in your KoBoCollect android app as outlined in the support article:

Thank you for your prompt response @Kal_Lam. Our problem is not completely resolved, we have kept on trying but the submissions have definitely improved.

Do you mean you are able to submit some submissions?

Yes some submissions have been successfully sent after restarting the phones and also submitting one form at a time. We have double checked the configuration and its correct.

Also please ensure if the forms have questions missing. Sometimes, when a mandatory question is missing, the forms do not get synced with the server.

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