Unable to unzip bulk media attachment

Please, for the past 2 weeks I have been unable to unzip a bulk media file (Images + audio recordings) after download. And it is very important i add these files in my report. How do I solve this issue?

Welcome to the community, @unioncameroun! Were you able to download the media attachments from your project?

Yes i did. I downloaded more than 3 times and had the zipped folder. And also repeatedly i have been unable to unzip any of the folders.

@unioncameroun, try using this approach as outlined in this post discussed previously:

Please, we are in need of these media files as we need to share with team. We have been running late finally are forced to update subscription because, we have not yet downloaded it successfully. Please, how soon can we have the files.

@unioncameroun, have you tried downloadthemall as outlined in the support article? That should solve your issue. I just tested it out and it is able to download all the media files without breaking. But please be sure that you use the Firefox browser.