Unable to update (edit) the filled up submissions in KoboCollect after updating the recently deployed form


Our partners tried to submit their data via KoboCollect app and they got the error message when submitting: submitting error: time and hour.

They had a wrong version of the form, so they got a new blank form to submit the information, thinking that could be the problem to submit, but now they are not even able to see the edit forms available for them (it seems the information collected was lost).

Another user can see the edited forms available to click. But, when clicking to try to edit and submit again, there’s no data available to show.

How do we recovery the data collected in this case?

Thank you,

Welcome to the community, @jchapel! Could you check if your project (it should be the exact project, matching a name similar to the project deployed in the previous version will not work here) is still on the server? What I mean here is say you had a project, Project A. You deployed the project, Project A then your team started collecting data in the field for Project A. You realized that there is some fix that you should do to Project A. You deleted the project (Project A) from the server. Then created another project with the same name, Project A and redeployed. You assume that your team who collected data for Project A (previous version) should now be able to submit to the server with the project name Project A (latest version). If this is your case, please be informed that you are not able to submit the data to the latest version even if the project has the same name Project A.

Is this your case?

Hi @Kal_Lam , thanks for your help.

It seems that’s what happened. Is there a way to recover the previous project (where the data were collected) in KoboToolbox?