Unable to Upload Accomplished KoboToolbox Form

Hi, I am new at using KoBoCollect Application. I just want to seek assistance on the error message I encountered whenever I try to upload my accomplished survey form back to the server. Please see attached image:

It says Error: Generic Exception: Error: (410) at google drive link. I have also tried accessing the said link, but it says ‘Page Not Found’. I also made sure that the Server Settings uses the kc.kobotoolbox.org server.

I also tried creating a new form and submitting it once done and fortunately, I was able to send it. However, for this one survey form that I uploaded via XLSForm, it encounters this specific error.

I hope someone could help me fix this error. Thanks!

Welcome to the community @ivillar! Seems like the configuration of your KoBoCollect android app has an issue. Would you mind sharing with us the screenshot of the General Settings>Server from your KoBoCollect android app. This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

Thanks! Here’s the screenshot of the Server:

I tried creating new survey forms and I did not experience the error stated in the first one. It was sent immediately.

Is the username and password correct?

yes. I’ve check it more than once now. I also imported and sent a new form and it didn’t show this error message that I got from the first survey form I had.

Could you also let us know the project name that is not syncing with the server?

Can I send the file name as a private message?

Yes, please!

Hi. I already sent you a private message. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I see submission_url under your settings choices:

Remove the submission_url from your xlsform and then redeploy your survey project. You should then be able to submit the submissions from your KoBoCollect android app to the KoBoToolbox server.

Note: You will however have to submit the one to the KoBoToolbox server manually for the submission that you made with the submission_url that is stuck in your KoBoCollect android app as outlined in the support article Manually Uploading Submissions.

Thanks! I was able to submit the survey form now!

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