Unable to upload file in android application

Hello Team,

I’ve deployed one form with android application data collection mode and trying to upload a file from this form but it’s not accepting the files and this field is accepting a text format also which is not correct one. Could you please help me with this


Hi @myquest,

Welcome to the community! Seems like you are unable to get the deployed form to your KoBoCollect mobile application. For this please try out the following which should solve your issue:

Hello @Kal_Lam,

My question is different and I’m also able to deploy form and fill the submission from my mobile app.

Brief Explanation of My Error:

In my one form there is file widget but from my mobile app I’m not able to attach the file and one another thing is file widget is accepting text response.

Please help me out on this.


Hi @myquest,

Ah, so you wish to upload a file in your KoBoCollect mobile app. Kindly please note that the KoBoCollect mobile app that you are using currently does not support this feature. Please use the ODK Collect to solve out this issue at the moment. The next updated version of KoBoCollect is coming out soon (which should address this issue).