Unable to upload survey to researcher server

Hi Team,

I am using KobotoolBox researcher server and from last 3 days i am unable to upload xlsform to server. i have also checked the form on “ODK - XLSForm Online v2.x” but there is no error & there are no form in server and its completely empty, i am uploading a server startup screen for your reference…
is there any updation/change in term&condition to use researcher server.

please help me
@Kal_Lam can you please help…

Welcome back to the community, @noman_s2325! Could you also let us know, how long is your XLSForm (questions and choices)?

1st survey is about 190 rows in excel sheet and 2nd one is 500 rows in excel, both are different studies

@noman_s2325, feel free to share your XLSForm with the community. The community should be able to help you identity the syntax issues.