Unable to upload video on Kobo

Hello dear,

I have some videos that are somewhat large (between 90 and 200 MB) which I need to upload for a survey on kobo, however I have tried uploading them and even as a url link through google drive, but kobo kept giving me the same error message. Do you have any other recommendations on how I can upload them as a URL link?

PSEA_PWSN-English.mp4 - Google Drive (here’s one of the videos that I need to upload)

Welcome back to the community, @christal_azzam! Maybe this article should help you solve your issue:

Thank you for your reply. Yes I checked these sites from before, and I even went through the ones who had trouble uploading a video which was a 104 MB, however in my case, I cannot reduce the size of the video as it will ruin the resolution. I tried uploading the video which I have on my google drive, but it kept giving me this error message:

Only image, audio, video, text/csv, application/xml, application/zip MIME types are allowed

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? or how should the link be uploaded?

Hi @christal_azzam, this issue is that the file is too large (the limit is 100 MB). I will send you a private message with a version of your video with a reduced size (37 MB) that does work to upload and I couldn’t notice any reduction in quality. I would suggest however that you rather upload these videos to YouTube or your Google Drive and include a link to them within your form, rather than the video itself. The form will take a very long time to load if it’s trying to download large media files and may prohibit your data collection.

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