Unable to upload XLSForm on Humanitarian Server

I have been unable to upload an XLSForm on the Humanitarian Server.

To reproduce

Go to Humanitarian Server
Click New
Click Upload an XLSForm
Drop an XLSForm
Result is “Uploading file” with spinning icon.

I have the same result on two different Humanitarian Server sites.
This works perfectly on the Kobotoolbox.org site.

Appreciate your assistance.

Hi @jblackman, Hi @wroos,

Thanks for flagging and confirming the issue with uploading an xlsform in the OCHA server. I tried at my end and see the same issue persisting (please see image below):

Also kindly please be informed that the issue has now been flagged with the developers!

Have a great day!

Hi @jblackman, @wroos,

Pleased to inform you that the issue should be solved now!

Have a great day!

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Hello @Kal_Lam , I am experiencing same challenge uploading an XLSForm on same humanitarian server; all I get is the spinning icon.

Please help troubleshoot

Welcome to the community, @NGA_CPSS! Are you still facing the issue?

Many thanks @Kal_Lam , the form is online and live.

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Thank you for confirming @NGA_CPSS!