Unable to use Import Cascade function

Hi all!

I am unable to do the following step in the “Import Cascade” function: “Select and copy the whole cascading table template, then paste it into the Import Cascade”. When pasting, the app keeps on loading forever, and this step should not take long.

Can anyone help me?


Welcome to the community @anacarolcjp,

Can you provide a screenshot of the error message and maybe the cascading selections?

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The app is in Portuguese, but it says that the app is not responding to pasting the excel data on the window. And it keeps like this forever, it is not loading. I thought that it could be a problem in Kobo itself, since in my colleague’s computer it also did not work.

@anacarolcjp, did you follow the exact steps as outlined in the support article Adding Cascading Select Questions? Maybe you will need to be more careful with the following point (as outlined in the support article):

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Thank you!

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