Unable to view forms and submissions on self-hosted Kobotoolbox instance

Hello Team,

I’ve been successfully using a self-hosted KoboToolbox for about 1.5 years for form hosting and data collection. However, after recently uploading 4 new forms for 150 field data collectors, I’ve encountered an issue. For the first two days, operations were smooth, but starting today, post-login, I can’t access the homepage, view forms, or their submissions with super_admin user account. Instead, I’m met with a persistent loading icon and an error message stating “failed to list assets.” Further inspection revealed a 500 status error from the endpoint ‘https://{project_url}/api/v2/assets/?q=asset_type%3Asurvey&limit=200’. Notably, while this affects users with view privileges to all the forms, other data collectors with only access to individual forms can log in and submit without any hindrance. It’s also worth mentioning that I can still access KoboToolbox through its API endpoints; the issue seems confined to the Kobocollect web platform’s frontend. Any insights or solutions to address this would be immensely appreciated. Thank you.