Unable to view survey on kobo collect but they are visible kobo kpi web

Hello Team

  1. After doing a bulk upload like 1000 users to survey users not able to log in, After password reset they are able to log in kobo collect

  2. the problem here still exists most of the users are not able to view the survey on kobo collect

@Mdkhamru, maybe you will need to configure your Collect android app as outlined in the support article:

Hello @Kal_Lam

i had made right configuration but this about script

Would you also mind changing the password for the user and start a fresh configuration?

ya i did but this time ,when i assigned two surveys to user

i am able to only one and other one is published as well and i had shared the same permissions still user is not able to see second survey

Hello Kal_Lam

when I am executing bulk command in self hosted server is not able to handle the load of the script


  1. restarted docker for every bulk operation
  2. if we have a good server configuration above step is not needed
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Thank you @Mdkhamru for sharing the solution with the entire community! This should be very helpful!

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