Unexpected behavior when 2 separate forms have the same csv preload file name



It’s my first post / bug report here. Thanks to everybody for making Kobo possible:-)

I came across an unexpected behavior while working with two separate forms. I think it might be a bug.

When two forms have a csv file used to pull data, and that the csvs have the same file name in both forms, changing the content of the csv of one form also changes the csv of the other form. Shouldn’t the form’s csv be independent?

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Upload an XLSForm. Call it UgandaSurvey.xlsx, and include a csv preload question to select the village
  2. Deploy the form UgandaSurvey.xlsx
  3. Upload the list of villages for Uganda with a file called villages.csv
  4. Upload a second XLSForm. Call it KenyaSurvey.xlsx, and also include a csv preload question to select the village
  5. Deploy the form KenyaSurvey.xlsx
  6. Upload the list of villages for Kenya with a file called villages.csv
  7. Get the blank form for UgandaSurvey (or download villages.csv from the form settings)

Expected behavior

I would expect the village list of the csv to be the one I uploaded for Uganda when I get the blank UgndaSurvey form on my tablet, or when download the csv preload file from the UgandaSurvey form settings.

Actual behavior

Instead, the csv preload file of UgandaSurvey contains the village list from Kenya.

Additional details

I expected that csv preload files would not be linked across forms. I presumed that a csv in one form can be changed without changing the csv of another form. But it seems that when multiple forms have the same csv prelad filename, an update of one csv file changes all the csv files with the same file name across forms,

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I hope it’s useful!

Hi @robinaudy,

Welcome to the community! Thank you for reporting the issue you observed in KoBoToolbox. Your issue has been reported to the developers. You could follow the same through the link provided below: