Unique IDs with single select questions (rather than text)

I have been referring to Creating Unique Serial Numbers in Forms — KoboToolbox documentation and various support topics to auto create ID numbers, however, the questions I will use to create the ID are not ‘text’ questions. I will be using single select and date questions - is there a workaround to use these to create unique IDs? Currently I am getting an error which I assume is because the questions being used to create the ID are not text.

Welcome to the community, @lml! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

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Thank you @Kal_Lam. I’m still having some trouble because I don’t want the entire name used in the ID number. It seems the challenge is using substr with a predefined response in single response and date questions. I would like to to create an ID which is based on information such as country, district, name, DOB so the user will select a country a list (e.g. India) and then select a district ( Bihar) and so on, but the ID would only include IND-BIH-… - …

Is this possible or should I consider another way to create the IDs?

In this case, why not code India as IND in the variable’s value label.