Unknown Save Error

Getting the above error when trying to submit the form online after filling it in. Kindly advice.

@muthoni, could you clear the cache of your browser and try saving it again? It should solve your issue. Reach us back if the issue still persists.

Hi, an enumerator on my team has just called in the same error. They are using a Samsung tablet and Chrome browser.

Will clearing their browser not cause their draft response data to be lost, as noted in the kobocollect documentation? Here: Troubleshooting Enketo Web Forms — KoBoToolbox documentation.

If so, is there another way to overcome the error?

@jcastello, please note that if you have submissions that has not been synced to the server and you still clear the cache of the browser you should lose all the collected data. These data cannot be retrieved back. It’s thus always recommended to first sync all the data to the server and then only clear the cache of the browser if needed.

Thanks. The problem is that the enumerator gets the save error when they try and send the completed responses to the server. Guess we’ll have to find another way or otherwise sacrifice that particular dataset.

@jcastello, if you have submissions already saved in your browser you could follow the support article Manually Uploading Submissions to upload them manually to the server.

Thanks for the tip. I will see if I can get the enumerator to try that.

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