Unknown submission problem on data server (429)

@Kal_Lam can you please help us resolve this. Its urgent.!

I have the same issue here,
I created 6 new forms from my account a few days ago,
and I got many submissions (about 120 submissions in total)
but now we get the same previous message when we try to submit new submissions


Welcome to the community, @jitu12, @engannas! Are you still stuck with this issue? If yes, kindly confirm so that we could troubleshoot.

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Thank you for your follow-up
From my side, it’s solved, and all is okay now.

Highly appreciated

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Thank you for confirming, @engannas! :clap: :heart: :partying_face:

Dear Kal_Lam i am facing the same problem mentioned above, i mean the following message is apperaing for many of our forms "Unknown submission problem on data server. (429)’ and untill now we were not able to solve because we don’t now the reason behinde that.
can you please help us solving this problem.

This is the result of an error, It looks like all users are facing similar issues. Kobo team is aware of the issue, and they investigating, They will let us know when they solve the issue


Dear@kal_lam i am also facing same problem

Would please look into the matter
I am using the humanitarian server