Unknown survey affiliations in KoboCollect

I recently tried to coordinate a test between a KoboToolbox test survey I created and a few users with KoboCollect. The survey was deployed, I created account names and passwords for the testers. I shared the server URL with all and shared the step by step instructions on how to affiliate from the Kobo Toolbox help site. I had one successful test, but two did not work. They did seem to connect, but didn’t get the survey I had shared with them. Instead, both got the same two surveys I show in the attached screenshot. They were testing from different countries at different times (but within 24 hours of each other). Would love some guidance on what might this mean and how I can get their accounts connected to the survey I shared with them. Any ideas? Many thanks in advance.

@wiseaction, you will need to configure your KoBoCollect android app as outlined in the support article shared here:

Thank you @Kai_Lam. I shared the information in that very helpful support article with my testers and walked them through the steps via powerpoint (they are remote). To my knowledge they followed the steps, but only 1 successfully got access to my survey. The others did not. Do you have insight into which step they may have missed or done in error to have gotten access to the other surveys in the screen shot I posted?

@wiseaction, could you also request your team to share the screenshot of the General Settings>Server? That should help us troubleshoot.

Yes, I’ll make the request and follow up here. Thank you.

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