"Unlabeled" catgory in automatic report

Hi everyone,

Since the beginning of the pandemic, I am working with a couple of different groups who are collecting data through sensibilization. For one or two weeks there is a new category of data that appeared on all the KoBo accounts of my partners, which is called “unlabeled”. First I thought that it was the metadata that has been integrated into the automatic report, but it doesn’t appear with every form. I am unable to understand what that represents. Does someone have an idea please? Or the same problem?

Thank you in advance for the help!

Welcome to the community, @CamilleCR! Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the issue so that we could better understand and respond to you?

Thank you a lot ! Yes with please. So this is the screenshot of a part of this “unlabeled” section:

@CamilleCR, it’s a START question type which is a meta question which generally does not have a label hence it’s unlabeled. But you could always have a label for the same by downloading your xlsform and providing a lebel for the same as shown in the image shared below:


Once updating the label for the start and end meta questions you could upload them back to the server and then redeploy. Upon redeploying, you should be able to see the labels:

Ok great, thank you a lot for your time! My last question is; in the automatic report not all of the metadata (meatquestion) appear, but they do in the table, is there a reason for it?

For this, you will need to ensure the metadata is present in the survey project by downloading the xlsform.

Yes it is in the XLS form.
So is it possible that not all the metadata appear because there is a limit of lign in the automatic report? Because I count 99 ligns, and they are random, and I have arround 1000 answers with metaquestions.

Hi @CamilleCR this is intentionally done on the backend as not all metadata is generally relevant for a report. For example, if all values are unique such as UUID, etc.

If you are curious, you can browse the code here that determines report statistics:

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