Unresponsive Data View and Edit Page

Hi community. Why is it that every time I attempt to view or edit a submission for a certain project, the page fails to load?

@hm11, do you see this even when you change your browser? Would you mind trying Chrome and Firefox to see how it behaves? Please let us know what happens!

Hi @hm11, if you have a very large form it can sometimes take a long time to load. It can also be the case that the resources of your computer are limited.

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hi @Kal_Lam , yes I have already tried using Chrome and Firefox and still have same issue

hello @Josh , would you mind testing the survey on your end to further check on this issue? or if this is indeed computer resources-related, do you have any recommendations on the minimum specs for us to not encounter this regardless of the form size that we create?

Hi @hm11, can you please send me the following details in a private message so I can test it on my end:

  • server (humanitarian/non-humanitarian)
  • username
  • project name
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hi @Josh . kindly assist in setting up a private message as mine is currently not working. thank you so much