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Hello Kobo community, I use enketo, when loading there is an unresponsive notification page, as shown below. What could be the cause? internet connection or because of complex validation criteria?


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Could you kindly provide us with additional information on the following which would help us troubleshoot your issue:

  • Browser you are using
  • Server you are using
  • Total number of questions available in the survey sheet and the total number of choices available in the choices sheet

server : https://kf.kobotoolbox.org
Total 1426 questions

Thanks @Kal_Lam

@akoh, this could be an issue with the total number of questions. Try splitting your questions into 2 survey projects and see if it solves the issue.

Hi @akoh
Did you try another browser?

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Yes, I have tried it with Mozilla and the others, the results are the same

@akoh, have you tried splitting your questions into 2 survey project?

Unfortunately, the questionnaire cannot be separated into two, because the questions are interrelated.
I thought maybe because that was the reason why became unresponsive

Try to run this on a computer with more RAM and see if that works.
A large number of questions will be more demanding on the system resources.

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@ks_1 thanks for your advice

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