Unsaved record found - error message

The message ‘unsaved record found’ occurs every time someone clicks on the kobo form link regardless of whether they have used the form before.

  1. Click on URL to form
  2. The first item seen is the following message:

Unsaved Record Found
Enketo has found an unsaved record. Would you like to load this record of discard it?
Discard OR Load record (buttons)

It should just go straight to the form, but it is sending this error message each time (and putting people off completing it).

Welcome to the community, @lucy_norris! Thank you for bringing this to the community. Pinging @martijnr to see if this can be improved. cc: @Josh

Thank you so much @Kal_Lam - this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi @lucy_norris, I have been trying to replicate the issue and can’t seem to do so. If this continues to happen, I would suggest using the online only version of the form when sharing the link — the offline version is more suitable for data collectors rather than individuals submitting a single form.

Your issue could be related to this:

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