Unsuccessful submission (red cloud icon) with kobocollect

Dear friends,
I have a problem for a form that is experiencing unsuccessful submissions (red cloud icon), I tried to checked the form and submit selected but still not sent.
How do I resend?


Maybe you will need to check your submission to see if there are any mandatory questions that has been left blank. If this is the case, your submission does not get synced with the server.

Thanks @Kal_Lam for quick respond. But, unfortunately I am no longer able to edit because the form has been marked as finalized.

Maybe you could try editing your submission from Edit Saved Form then.

Hi @Kal_Lam, hope youre well.

We are having the same problem with a form and it wont let us edit it. It does not show up in the list to edit saved forms. It appears we have lost the form, since we cant submit or edit. Please report this critical error.

Good to see you back @mike.destaubin. Mike is this the case with KoboCollect or ODK Collect? Is it only for a single user or is it an issue with multiple users for a specific project?

Its an issue for this specific form on Kobocollect. Other forms from different projects but the same user works fine and the form in questions also works fine on enketo. Its just on kobocollect were having this issue

So we partially resolved the issue. We just added some more questions using the dynamic data linking feature, but once we removed them and reverted back to an older version it worked again.

We have other questions using the same feature and connected to the same project, so not sure why adding these other questions caused this.

Especially weird this is only an issue on kobocollect and not enketo

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Thank you, @mike.destaubin, for digging this further down. Could you share with me the XLSForms that work and the XLSForms that don’t work (both the parent and child XLSForm) to test it and maybe report it when updating our Collect android app? You could share it with me through a private message if you wish to treat the XLSForm confidentially.