Update csv file automatically

how to update csv file automatically every each submission without to need reupload it again

i have select_one_from_file question that gets its values from a CSV file whose contents are the values from the previous submissions automatically

so i want to update this file after each submission

Hi @mediaan. If you intend to dynamically link data as you have described this support article documents this process - Dynamic Data Attachments — KoboToolbox documentation
Hope this helps

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thank you surveyorjr but i want to use them in the parent form
That is what i meant if there is a way to use the data of the parent form in the parent form itself

@surveyorjr thanks a lot but im trying to use the same data in the same form not in the child form so i will try to explain what i want to do and i hopfull you will help me

i have just one form that contain two questions
the first one is the name of person
and the second i select one question that its choices will be the name of persons so after each submission i want to this select one question be updated to get the new name

Hi @mediaan, to the best of my knowledge, I do not think this feature currently exists. Perhaps you can consider adding it to the Suggestion Box.

A temporary but tedious suggestion would be:

  • using the API to pull data from the question and send it to an online repository, maybe GitHub? Then use the Add Files from URL in the media option of your questionnaire

Perhaps this is a temporary solution?
PS: Some developer skills might be required

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@surveyorjr thank you so much but i have tried to that with google sheet then when i want to use the shared link of google sheet this what happened as a picture

Kindly note that for this option the file extension needs to end with the file type (for example https://{your-url}/{the_file}.csv) and this is not the case for Google Sheets. I would suggest you use Github or any other server platform which keeps your CSV file with its extension.

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@surveyorjr but how can i do that please is there any video or could you help me with this issue
and i want to ask you if this file will be updated automatically after each submission

Let me see if I can do a screen recording and then upload it here. But this might take a while.

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@surveyorjr oh I really appreciate that … it is ok i will be waiting you … thank you so much