Update of power bi data connected with kobotoolbox

Dear Community members and support team,
I connected Kobo data to Power BI using API. After connection and dashboard development, I changed the Kobo forms, which get further data with further columns in Kobo. however, I can not see these changes in the power BI table/dashboard data. Do you have any idea how to get the latest kobo form changes, in the Powerbi table?
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hi @Hamed.qurbani, in power query mode please check the first two three steps under the applied steps, you should find the columns there, the new columns should be unchecked, so check them, they should appear in your excel.


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Hi and thanks for the reply, I checked the boxes in the expanded column under the applied steps now, but partially received the new columns, as shown in the screenshot, there is another error showing “limit of 1000 scanned row reached.”

that’s a small issue of Power BI, what you can do about it you can open the advanced editor in power query mode, and you will find your imported column name in the advanced editors’s few line, you can directly add your missing columns here, i don’t have any specific example that i can show, but if you can share the picture of your advance editor view, i can explain it more


Thanks again, here is the advanced editor,

I don’t see it here probably because it doesn’t included in the screenshot. it should be similar to “Expended column1” like line, and you need to add the missing column to that line