Update the form version in the draft

Hi, can I update the draft version of the form with the new version of the form? Or do we have to fill in the form from the beginning again when updating the form to the latest version of the form?

@veentzy, could you kindly provide more details so we can help you? Did you mean you have a new version of the form and wish to update the submissions to that version when collecting data for the previously collected submissions? Feel free to correct me if I understood you incorrectly.

Hi @Kal_Lam,

Yes, so I made a survey, let’s say it was version 1, then my team found an issue, say there was no adding a point, because I didn’t set it to decimal, so they saved it in the draft.

After that, I edited the form and changed the data type to decimal so my team could enter points. After deploying the form, it automatically becomes version 2.

Unfortunately, when the drafted form is refreshed, it still uses version 1, so like it or not, they have to refill it.

My question is, can the draft form also be refreshed when I update the survey form without fill it from begining?