Updating data that is retreived from "Pulldata"

Hi there,
in my survey, I use the “pulldata” function to pre-populate certain questions with information from the a baseline survey. During the survey, I can change the answer (e.g if someone has a different job as one year earlier). However, as soon as the completed survey is send to the serve, the pre-populated data is shown again - i.e. the updated data is lost.
Do you have any idea what is my mistake here?

Welcome @elafritz
If you use calculation, this is always (re-)done on save and open.

  • You may combine it with once(…) to only set it if the field is empty.
  • And you may try with a default:
    “which will only be calculated only once when the form loads or - if the question is inside a repeat when the repeat is added.” (xlsform.org)
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Awesome, thanks a lot!! The “once” option did the trick!
I tried it also with the “default”, but it seems that I can’t use the “pulldata” function in the default column.

Thanks for the quick help!

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