Updating repeating group data

My users prefer to use KoBoCollect, which causes an issue for which I do not know if there is a solution.

A team member goes to a clinic and leads an education session. The participant name and demographic information is gathered at the beginning of the session, and we use repeating groups to record the data. There are usually about 15 participants at each session.

At the end of the session, participants may 1) receive free items and 2) be referred to a health care center, and we need to edit the records.

The issue is that it is very difficult in KoBoCollect to identify the participant and edit their record, since the group record is identified only as:

I encouraged the team to use Web Forms, since the editing of participant information would be quite easy. However, they are used to KoBoCollect and are reluctant to switch.

They would like to see the data rolled into a table to complete the data entry at the end of the session, such as:

Participants - Number of items received (number) - Referred to clinic (yes/no)

This seems impossible, However, does anyone have any suggestions that would make identifying specific records and editing data in groups in Collect easier?

Hi @jblackman,

Regarding your query:

Would suggest you to use the sum function as discussed in the post discussed earlier: