Upload data to new form from local csv

Hello, dear community.

I need to upload old results in a new survey cvs file created in KoboToolBox.

Context: I am migrating technology. So far I used the ArcGIS survey123 tool, and I intend to use KoboToolBox from now on. For this, I need to upload the old entries from the original survey to the data table of the new survey created in KoboToolBox. The fields have the same names. How should I proceed?

Welcome to the community, @nicobueno! Though uploading XLS data to the KoboToolbox server is not available at the moment, you could still do it through this python script:

Hello, @Kal_Lam.

Hello I’ve seen several comments from you quoting this python script. But unfortunately I wouldn’t even know how to start. Could you upload a video from the first to the last step to be able to upload my data to Kobo?

I read many users with the same drawback and since the platform does not yet contemplate this function, it would be good to have, at least a step-by-step explanation of how to perform this operation manually.

Thanks a lot.

@nicobueno, maybe try out this approach shared by @osmanburcu.

Thank you very much, @Kal_Lam!

I tried to follow the steps but still felt that the way to upload my data should be simpler. I kept searching the internet for a few days and came up with the solution.

In fact, it was you who, in another consultation, had given a successful and simple solution. I leave the link here for future readers.

The solution is to use ODK ingrated with a Google spreadsheet. In this way, the data stored is completely editable for the end user and is updated as soon as the data is loaded from ODK Collect (the mobile app).

I understand that KoboToolBox and ODK have a lot in common, I don’t quite understand the differences. But both projects are super interesting.

@nicobueno, KoboToolbox is planning to develop an inbuilt feature that can upload the XLS data to the server. But there are different factors (budget) and priorities (deadlines for other features). If you have funding for this feature, please feel free to reach us through info@kobotoolbox.org. It would help KoboToolbox to put this feature on the priority list.