Upload error: Unacceptable certificate?

I’m trying to upload data to KoboToolBox, using my “Catfish Survey-Master” form. There are several surveys entered into the app, and now I’m trying to send them to the survey.

This was working through December. We took a pause in January and February, and restarted data collection in March. But now I’m getting the following error:

“Catfish Survey-Master - Error: Unacceptable certificate: CN=Amazon RSA 2048 M03, 0=Amazon, C=US”

I’m using the Global KoboToolbox Server and data is being collected in Kenya.

Could someone advise what this error means, and how I can fix it to continue uploading data?

Welcome to the community, @Alexandra1! Could you kindly share a screenshot of your issue with us? This should help us understand your issue pictorially.

@Alexandra1, could you also let us know which app you are using to collect data? I mean, are you using the ODK Collect App or the KoboCollect Android App? BTW, have you also validated your XLSForm through this online validator to see if there are any syntax issues?

Hello @Alexandra1 if you encounter any error of that kind it means that the device you are using is not updated, so that is Android certification error that happens if you have not updated your device date or you have not updated your Android.
thanks Oketa Lawrence