Upload failure/Slow uploads

Hi community,
I am developing a data collection survey for Barbados and I have 5-6 data collectors submitting every day. We are having several issues with submissions to the form:

  1. The submission takes hours or days to upload, we have tested and it is not the internet speed.
  2. During the submission, if a field that is required is missed and they rectify it, when they submit it just keeps loading as seen in the image attached.

Some submissions have to be discarded, especially when submitting offline in the field and data is then lost.

I was wondering if anyone in the community has a solution for this problem. Thank you!

Welcome to the community, @Jalisa_King1! Do you also have image, audio, video, or file attachments along with the submissions? Having them with your submission should also make the submission slower.

Hey, yes we do have image submissions of signatures for each data collector. I would try removing that feature and see if anything changes. Thank you!

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@Jalisa_King1, when you have a large number of questions that take up storage space or when you have a very long form with complex expressions then such forms could take up time during submissions.