Upload media files to Google Drive directly

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I have a project that collect alot of media files (photos), after the data collection stage has finished I found the media zip file is more than 3 gb and it will took alot of time to download it and then to upload it to google dirve, so I’m searching for a way to upload the zip file directly to goole drive, does anyone know the way if there is?

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This post discussed previously should help you if the issue is the same:

Hi @Kal_Lam, I can download files smothly it’s not problem to download files for me.
I’m asking to upload the media files directly to google drive.
I don’t want to download the files on my pc then reupload them to google drive. I want to skip this stage (downloading stage) is it possible?
I checked the post you’d mentioned and I belive that my issue is kinda different,

Thank you so much

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Una pregunta: ¿Cómo quiere almacenar los archivos en G-Drive? ¿Por carpetas o todos en una sola carpeta?


I believe this is not possible with Kobotoolbox unless you use a script of some kind.