Upload Results - pacedata?


I run a small organization in Uganda called Finemind that provides community-based mental health services. One of our health workers sent me this as an error message, and I was unable to find a corresponding forum entry in the archives. Can you please advise?

Thank you.

Hi @finemindorg, this is likely related to the current maintenance on the server:

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Hi Josh! Thanks for the speedy reply - you may be right. The time indicated on the image is 09:23 EAT on September 27. The database configuration for 21:00 UTC would make it 24:00 EAT. I’ll advise the team to retry uploading the data another time unless there is another issue that emerges. Thank you again.


Hi @finemindorg, the server is out of maintenance so you should now be able to submit data :+1:

Thanks, Josh. We’ll give it another go once the team wakes up. I’ll inform you if the problem persists. Thank you!