Uploaded logo not showing on form

I uploaded a logo on a form but the logo is not displaying properly. below is the displayCapture

Kindly assist.

Welcome to the community @Bukky! Maybe this post discussed previously should solve your issue:

Kindly please reach out if you are still not able to solve it.

@Kal_Lam can you please break this down. still unsuccessful.

Would you mind sharing with the community your sample xlsform and the logo file so that we could have a look and see what’s going wrong at your end. Please note, you need not share the entire xlsform. You could delete the rest of the questions (if you feel it should be treated confidentially).

This is the xlsform:

This is the logo file

what can be amiss…


OK. Now could you also let us know the logo file name?

form_log is the logo file name.

And what is the extension of the file name? If it’s a png file try using the file name as form_log.png in your xlsform which should match the exact name of the media image file while you upload the same in the KoBoToolbox server.

For more details you could see our support article Adding a Custom Logo. It has all the steps you should follow.

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Thank you @Kal_Lam. It works.

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