Uploaded picture discrepancy


I’m working with a relatively large questionnaire (~400 questions) and sample size (>500 submissions) and there’s been a problem with the pictures uploaded to Kobo. The users submit unique photos, but the ones displayed in the questionnaire are sometimes the same photos as in their previous submissions. The .jpg filenames are unique, so it seems to be an error on the server-side of things.

Many thanks!

Welcome to the community @jpmassad19! Could you also let us know how you have been filling your forms, i.e. are you using Collect android app or Enketo? We would also appreciate it if you could share a screenshot of the same images that seem to be showing up in two different places, as you say.

Thanks, Kal_Lam.

We are using both the Collect android app and ODK Collect on iOS. I will double check if the images are repeated for both types of users or just one. I’m afraid I cannot share a screenshot due to privacy concerns, but am happy to answer further questions.

Do you mean Enketo in iOS?

Maybe you could share the screenshots through a private message. Screenshots should be beneficial for us to understand your issues pictorially. And, we would thus be able to troubleshoot your issues.


This would happen if the user submitted the same photo for more than one response. In this case, the same photo will have different IDs. You need to also check for this. One way is to counter-check the data collection device to establish if they did indeed upload a different picture.


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Thanks, Stephane. Users have screen grabbed their uploaded photos and it they are different than the ones that are uploaded to kobocollect, so it seems to be a server-side issue.

Re: Kal_Lam, no, I miswrote before., it is GIC Collect (an app) on iOS devices and the ODK Collect app on android devices. I can send partial screenshots directly to you.

Thanks, both!

@jpmassad19, we would love to see the screenshots.