Uploading csv file (Faild to get data from /media/get/https/kc.kobotoolbox.org/…)

I’m getting this error when i open up the form:
Faild to get data from /media/get/https/kc.kobotoolbox.org/…
I have two csv files

@ayatabbas, would you mind sharing your CSV file? Maybe we could have a look at its structure to see if they are OK.

okcountries.csv (13.4 KB) age_range.csv (65.5 KB)

@ayatabbas, the header of the CSV file does not support special characters and spaces as used:

Try removing them and they should work.

By special characters you mean the Arabic language?

e.g. you have used label::English(en) try changing them as label_english_en.

I deleted the whole file and put it in the choices sheet.

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