Uploading pending

Hello I cannot upload my xls form. It is loading forever. I already validated it online. I am in urgent and please help me. I cannot upload it both in global and humanitarian servers.

I don’s know why I cannot upload my form in both server. Uploading is pending forever. Could you please help me. I have an urgent launching of a survey. Thanks a lot.

Welcome to the community, @htarhtarei13! Could you also let the community know the total number of questions your XLSForm has? I assume it has a lot of questions.

Thanks Lam…

There are only around 280 questions. I uploaded a lot more than that.

Sorry the excel has a problem and I have already solved it. Thanks.

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Hi @htarhtarei13,
I’m glad to hear that you managed to fix the issue! Could you share the key steps and a brief summary of how you solved it? This information would be really helpful for anyone else who might encounter the same problem.


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