Uploading xlsform through the Project (legacy)

I am straggling with the same issues and could not find uploaded xlsform at project. I was uploaded xlsform using “projects (Legacy)”. Now how to

  • Replace the xlsform and
  • Redeploy the survey project at “projects (Legacy)”

Thanks for your kind information and tips

Welcome to the community, @asadmisgis! Press the button that has been boxed in red (shown in the image below), and you should be able to replace your existing xlsform through the Projects (legacy):

Note: We highly recommend and advise users to use the form builder UI instead of the Projects (legacy).

I have not seen any box that you mentioned. Please have a look at the image below. I want to replace form without loosing data. Thanks for your kind help

Would you mind sharing with me the following information through a private message:

  • Username
  • Project name
  • Server

How to send private message?

You should be able to send a private message as outlined in the post discussed previously:

I am not able to send personal message. I got message “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.”


You should now be able to send a private message. If you still have issues, please refresh your browser.

@asadmisgis, you could always replace a form through the form builder UI as shown in the image shared below:

After replacing the xlsform with an updated one, you will need to redeploy them again. For details, please feel free to go through our support article Deploying a Form to Start a New Data Collection Project.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Actually I am having issue with xlsform which was uploaded via project legacy. You may have a look at my 1st queries.

You shown option and redeploy not available for project legacy xlsform.

I would like to
A. Update xlsform without loosing data which xlsform uploaded using project legacy

B. Or download data in XML format for bulk manual upload.

Thanks for your kind understanding and help

@asadmisgis, KoBoToolbox would not encourage users to upload and manage projects through the legacy interface. If you look at the legacy user interface, you will see the same warning message. Hence, we recommend and advise you to try it out with the KPI interface.

I am sorry to say this is not my queries answer.

Do you have any solutions what I asked about xlsform update or data download on XML format?

I am using kobotoobox from 2016. So many projects with Legacy. How to move or manage that from new interface?

Maybe we could help you move the same to the KPI. I will reach you back once the same has been done.

@asadmisgis, kindly please be informed that I have synced all your survey projects from Legacy to KPI. You should now be able to access and manage all your projects through the form builder UI.

Thanks very much sir.

Transfer successfully completed.

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