Uppercase format

Buenos días,

Quisiera saber si es posible configurar las preguntas para que todas las respuestas queden en letra mayúscula.

Muchas gracias.

Hi @danielarodriguez,

If you wish to capture a Name & Surname both in uppercase please type regex(.,’[A-Z]{1}[a-z]{1,50}[ ]{1}[A-Z]{1}[a-z]{1,50}’) under the constraint column of your xlsform.

Please note that you are able to type only 50 characters for Name and another 50 character for Surname. If you wish to have a much more longer one increase the number to your desired one.

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Hi @danielarodriguez,

As a backup you could also have a look at the post discussed here which should help you convert all the entries made in lowercase automatically to uppercase:

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