Urgent -error evaluating field may you use the indexed repeat fonction

Hi to all,

for the 2 past days i have been trying to reslove this problem and the team have not been able to work on the field because of this issue. i have verified similar problems in the community and tested in my xlsform but it doesnt work. i think the problem is that i donot know where exactly to put indexed-repaeat stuff in my questionnaire or how to go about the problem. please i will be so pleased someone help with my xlsform so i can help my team on the fied. i have attached my xlsform on this message to

here is my problem

the problem is i have added a repeat option for a specific group (pour chaque moustiquaire) together with a repeat count. once i pass the xlsform on the kobocollect it works on the web form but on the telephones in the field once you have entered this question the for the first moustiquaire=net it works and when you want to move to the second moustiquaire=net following the repeat option at exactly question n29 the error message appears. now since question n29 has two option, if you happen to choice similar option in the repeat fonction the error appears but if different option then you may go to the next question until similar options are used again with error message appearing.

here is the error message

please here is my xlsform
a9iQJcwpmGdJAd8t5Dign4 (5).xlsx (27.9 KB)

please may someone help me fix my xlsform for i am tried and tried but no results. my form is attached to the above message.

thanks for your comprehension

@pavlov, I assume it’s an issue with the CSV file. Could you also share the CSV file with the community? The community should help you troubleshoot your issue.

sorry for replying late here is the CSV file
Codesuivie.csv (128.3 KB)

please am still waiting for the response


please am still waiting for your responses

all the required documents are attached above


hello please still waiting for your response have send all the required documents you asked already


Hello, I am also experiencing this error on my form. It states the same message. Can the community please support this error?