URGENT: How do you 'End Form' throughout the from?


I am building a form for a breeding register. I need an option to ‘end form?’ after some questions within groups i.e. the rest of the form is not irrelevant and the form needs to be quick when they are out on field.

I have tried using a question underneath the question of interest called ‘end form’ with a skip logic saying this question only appears after you click the identified answer in question (with any of these criteria selected). I put this at the end of the form so ‘end form?’ makes sense and the user skips several groups ( and ~20 questions).

The result is that it only skips to the next question, whilst all other answers goes to the next question (which is correct).

If I put it right under the question it all works well but does not make sense as the ‘end form?’ question is not at the bottom being the last question.

Can someone please help me as this register will go to waste if I cannot get this to work.

Kind regards,

Oscar Harvey.

I may have fixed it by using the same technique but insteado f selectign different answers, I selected the whole groups and said question ‘was answered’?

Is this how you do it?

Hi @oscharv1,

Welcome to the community! You caught it correct. You could simply end the survey in the middle by grouping a bunch of sections and making it relevant (else skipping it) only if and when required.

The simplest way to “skip to the end of a form” is put all (subsequent) optional questions in a group, and make that group irrelevant; eg by having a question somewhere “Do you wish to continue Y/N?” and having the group relevant = ${response} != 'N'

If you wish to skip different things in multiple places, then you may need to expand the scope of your optional group(s) relevance expression; eg relevant = ${response1} != 'N' and ${response2} != 'N'