Urgent issue submitting forms in Kobocollect due to form setting error for required response

I have data collectors in the field informing me that a question was programmed as required but that it does not have any response options, therefore, they have forms that are saved in drafts but they can not submit them because there is no way to mark a response to this question. I changed this condition and redeployed the form, but it doesn’t help with the surveys already completed (currently in drafts on the data collectors devices and unable to submit). Is there a way you can submit forms that are otherwise completed but have a required question that you can not respond to due to this programming error in the form’s build? Basically, is there any way to salvage this data other than requiring them to manually enter it again into a new form in the redeployed version (without this programming error)?

FYI this error in the form arose because I transferred a form I built in my Kobo researcher account to my Kobo humanitarian account. When I did this, rank style questions I created in the previous account changed, appearing as a series of multiple-choice questions where the overarching question itself was formatted as a question (and as long as it isn’t programmed as *required, it doesn’t seem to be an issue and looks fine in preview). This seemed strange to me, but I did not want to go and remake all of my rank style questions over again, so left it alone but made the error of leaving one of them marked as required.

Maybe the support article Manually Uploading Submissions should help solve your issue.

Thank you. I sent the instructions to the enumerators and hope that this will work.

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Manually uploading submissions is something that you will have to do it at the admin level unless the enumerators have the admin right to manage uploads to the KoBoToolbox account.

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